Duplicating School 2024 

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Your central location for all the references and resources you'll need for the live workshop

To get the most out of this highly interactive workshop it’s imperative that you prepare. We’ll be covering concepts and teaching you skills that will change your business and your life if you fully engage. This requires a basic understanding of the principles behind them.

Your ability to assimilate, apply, and master these skills will depend on you arriving at the sessions prepared.  We promised you hands-on support leading up to the event, during the training, and after you leave. Now is the time when all that begins.  

Winners Prepare

Make time now to complete these important tasks. 

please Do them in the following order:

Take the Color Code Assessment

Please do this NOW if you haven’t already. Do your best to answer the questions from the perspective of how you were as a child… not based on what you think your dominant behaviors are today. After completing the test your primary color (Driving Core Motive) will be revealed to you.

Print the Workbook

Winners Prepare. Please print the workbook before the live workshop on Saturday. This session is highly interactive and you'll be using it to stay engaged during the training.  

What is Your 'Big Dream'?

Watch this short video… then write down your “One Thing”
Why are you building this business? Write it out on an index card or piece of paper [1 or 2 concise sentences] and bring it to the workshop. You’ll be using this during the afternoon session.

Learn How Your Mind Works

Watch this short video to understand how your mind works [and who's actually calling the shots]. We’ll be building upon this proven science to help you eliminate procrastination, fear, and whatever else is in your way.  It will change your world.

Learn What's Going Through Your Prospect's Head

Understanding this is critical to effective recruiting!  Ever been asked, “Is this one of those things?” Ever had a prospect jump to conclusions (or shut you down) before you even brought up the business? This short video will show you why that happens. We’ll be teaching you how to get your prospects OUT of fast thinking and ready to join you with an open mind.

The Hero's Journey...
Understanding This is Critical to Effective Recruiting!

What does The Hero’s Journey have to do with building your network marketing business? Everything!  Inside every story ever told, written, or filmed is the same story.  It’s also behind YOUR story, your prospect’s story, and it’s the reason people join network marketing. Understanding this will not only make your recruiting more effective... it will make it FUN!  

We highly recommend watching the full movie Finding Joe.

The shorter synopsis of the Hero's Journey.

Mark Januszewski

Meet Your Trainers

Mark and Davene Januszewski are top earning, renowned network marketers and Best Selling authors known for their proven approach to MLM success.

They inspire others to embrace their self doubt, fear and laziness, and achieve financial freedom.

Davene Januszewski