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Mind Set


Presentation Skills Mastery

Endurance Runner
Presentation Skills + Mindset Mastery

Fast Track

Elite Athlete
Everything PLUS 1-on-1 Mentoring

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Ignite your Team and your Business

 Communicate Better, Convert More & Grow FAST!

Team Builder

Presentations that Impact & Convert

Team Builder


  • You get the FULL COURSE on How to Make Presentations That Impact & Convert, which includes:
  • All 9 steps to help you raise your conversions to 90%+
  • 17 videos: hours of high-impact training, including the Keys To The Vault
  • BONUS: Mark’s Top 4 Networking Skills
  • Outlines and worksheets so you can train!
  • You’ll receive live hands-on support throughout the 14 weeks and beyond
  • Private Member’s Area with access to all of Mark’s videos, webinar replays, outlines & worksheets, and other valuable resources
  • BIG BONUS: Permanent access to all of the Presentations Masterclass Replays
  • It’s a lifetime membership, with Mark and the staff monitoring daily
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Guaranteed scholarship into the Master Key Experience in September
  • Total value $995.00

Get all of this for only $995.00
1 payment of $144

Business Accelerator

Presentations FULL COURSE w/ LIVE Webcasts
PLUS Color Code™️

Most Popular


  • Full Color Code LIVE Workshop ($300.00 value)
  • You receive an 18 point plan of action from Color Code and 1-on-1 support to implement it ($1,500.00 value)
  • 39-page companion workbook, audio and other valuable tools 
  • You'll receive a Color Code® assessment to identify your driving core motive and unique personality profile
  • HUGE BONUS: Comprehensive custom report and 3 personalized written plans of action
  • Simple techniques to motivate yourself into consistent, effortless action instantly
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Guaranteed scholarship into the Master Key Experience in September
  • Total value $3,990.00

Get all this for only $3,990.00
3 EZ payments of $175 OR
Full-pay discount - $388

Elite Top Earner Mastermind Invitation

Work i-on-1 With Mark for 10 Months


Limited slots available! 

Mark only works with 10 individuals...

First come, first serve basis.


  • You get everything in BOTH Team Builder & Business Accelerator
  • Get 9 Individual Mastermind Calls with Mark. (nine 1-on-1 appointments spread over the next 10 months)  $6,750 value!
  • 1-on-1 coaching - Mark breaks down your business in detail and helps you develop a customized plan to achieve your goals
  • You’ll also receive a vetting appointment so your time with Mark is 100% productive
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Guaranteed scholarship into the Master Key Experience in September
  • Total value $10,740.00

Get all this for only $10,740.00
6 EZ payments of $405 OR
Full-pay discount - $1,930

Course Details

Presentations That Impact and Convert

The Complete 9-Step Strategy to Increase your Conversion Rate to > 90%

Module 1 - Keys to the vault

When we defined, refined, and perfected the 9 steps to create Presentations That Impact & Convert, our closing ratio jumped big time. However, we knew we could do even better. Years of research turned up the Influencer, Color Code® and most importantly, the Hero's Journey.  Understanding how these 3 integrate seamlessly jumped our conversation rate to over 90% and cut presentation times by 70% or more.  Here you'll receive 3+ hours of in-depth training on how to integrate the "Big 3" to raise your conversion rate instantly.

module 2 - Steps 1 - 4

This is a deep dive into the first 4 Steps with even more detail and worksheets that what you experience in the masterclass. In this module you get the workbook for all 9 Steps and 2.5+ hours of video training as Mark breaks down the first 4 critical steps of creating effective presentations.  You'll be able to make all 5+ types of presentations with high impact and watch your conversions grow.  Your prospects will be ready to buy and ready to join.

Module 3 - Steps 5 - 9

This module has another 2.5 hours of deep-dive, concise videos that bring your presentations to life. The first 4 steps are the mechanics, the last 5 are what turn you into a great presenter.  What does that mean?  Great presenters are not necessarily great personalities. What makes a great presenter?  Polish and communication...



Add spice to vitalize your stories, so they don’t sound corny… and you don’t sound like a ham!  You’ll learn brain-freezing phrases that work magically to bypass the sales filter. 



We’ll show you how to visualize in a new and unusual way to assure that your presentations are accurate, high quality, and most of all, simple.  Why? Because at this point, they’re already saying “yes”!


Tailor to your Audience

This step separates the converters from the mega-converters, and teaches you how to tailor your presentation to the audience.  Discover the 3 things that go through the prospects head.  This is where your conversion rate really jumps!



Make cheat sheets!  Did you know that all great presenters cheat?  We’ll show you some tricks, including how your prospect will actually help you make the presentation.



Learn a specific way to practice very few people know.  We perform how we practice.  However, if you practice improperly your presentation goes down the drain.  We’ll show you how to practice and… SPECIAL BONUS - we'll review your presentations - if you'd like...

Module 4 - mark's top 4 skills

  • Instant Rapport Builder – Learn the 3 sentences that will establish instant rapport with anybody
  • Most People Skill – The 2 most powerful words in network marketing. One skill, five great uses. 
  • Become a Great Storyteller – This skill fits beautifully with Presentations That Impact & Convert. Learn two little tricks that made Mark rich... that even a 10-yr old can do.
  • The 3-Deep Pattern – Sponsoring is easy once you master the skill of presenting with impact. However, getting other people to produce is really where the money is. The 3-Deep Pattern teaches you how to build teams that build teams… without you.

special bonuses


Live Webcast Support

Business Accelerator and Elite Top Earner options include hands-on support and 6 live webcasts with Mark, in addition to the valuable resources in your member’s area.  This additional level of support will help you quickly master what you learned in the Masterclass, complete the other 5 steps and ignite all of your presentations so your conversion rate goes through the roof.


Mega Bonus

We’ll show you how to build brilliant PowerPoint presentations. We’ve seen many wonderful presentations that, once put into PowerPoint, are completely ruined. We’ll show you the rules. 

It’s easy, fun, fast, and we’ll provide personal hands-on help to clean them up if you’d like. Additionally, we’ll show you how to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a beautiful handout like the one you used throughout
the masterclass. 


Private Members' Area

The Presentations That Impact & Convert course includes a robust Members Area full of videos, trainings, documents and other helpful resources. All webinar replays are posted in the Member’s Area and you can also mastermind daily with other members, Mark, and our staff in the Alliances section.

Course Details

Become a WorldClass Communicator & Instantly Improve ALL Your Relationships

Module 1 - Discovery 

Full Color Code Workshop

Full, deep-dive interactive Color Code workshop (3-4 hr session, $300 value).  You’ll learn skills to instantly communicate more effectively with others. You’ll also discover that the most important relationship in your life is YOU with YOU.  It’s the one that pre-empts fulfillment in all other relationships and is the foundation for your success.

You’ll leave with tools to increase self-awareness and develop the key behavior that drives success and happiness.  You’ll instantly improve your effectiveness in personal, business, and romantic relationships.  Includes a 40-page Color Code workbook, audios, and other resources to help you master the skills you learn in the workshop.

HUGE BONUS:  Your comprehensive custom report includes
3 personalized written plans of action (your business, self-improvement and intimacy) based on your core motive.

Module 2 - Personalization & Application

Color Code Full Profile & Customized Plan of Action

Your training includes the Color Code personality assessment and a comprehensive, 35+ page report that’s all about YOU. Discover what motivates you on the deepest, most fundamental level and what drives your behavior and personality.  You’ll understand that a balanced, harmonious partnership within is what ultimately makes you an effective influencer of your own behaviors.  And you’ll develop a custom, individualized action plan to assure a harmonious internal relationship to last a lifetime.

Elite Top Earner Package - The WHOLE Enchilada

benefit 1

You get everything in BOTH Team Builder & Business Accelerator so you inspire your team to follow your lead. 


Get 9 Individual Mastermind Calls with Mark. (nine 1-on-1 appointments over the next 10 months)  $6,750 value!


1-on-1 coaching - Mark breaks down your business in detail and helps you develop a customized plan to achieve your goals.


You’ll also receive a vetting appointment so your time with Mark is 100% productive.


SPECIAL BONUS: Guaranteed scholarship into the Master Key Experience in the fall.


Total value $10,740.00   

Who is Mark Januszewski?

The Trainers' Trainer...

Let's face it, anyone can make a claim... and there are lots of great trainers. So how would someone really decide who to believe and choose for their trainer? 

One way is to observe who the top professionals in the world go to themselves. Three iconic, long-time successful Networkers traveled to Kauai to meet one-on-one with Mark for a mastermind session. 

What leading Business Professionals say about working with Mark J and the Training Solutions team...

Mark J’s trainings WILL set you on the path for rapid organic growth of your team WHEN you let Mark and Davene guide and coach you. This is a potent and effective program. Follow it to momentum.

Richard & Kimmy Brooke

Network Marketing Industry Icons

There are only 2 trainers I’d put in front of my teams, Mark J & Davene are one of them...

Tom & Denise Chenault

The hosts of Home Based Business Radio Program

I want to thank Mark and The Fabulous Davene for putting together such a comprehensive program. You will be able to learn, to earn ad to grow with the Go90GrowTM system.

Ann Feinstein

Double Diamond Director

You'll never find another networker that's more effective AND efficient! He knows exactly what to do and what to say. More importantly, the way he teaches truly duplicates. Think that might help?

Tom 'Big Al'  Schreiter

Author, Industry Icon 

 Success Stories you'll want to watch

6,936 Networkers and Traditional Business Owners are Experiencing the Training Solutions LLC Difference


Dawn is living her dreams, being on the beach, driving her dream BMW all the while raising EIGHT yes 8 kids all by herself.  And building her team that is building teams without her, leveraged income the true promise of our industry.

Dawn Andersen


Dawn, a single mother of 8 children, is with a telecommunications networking company.


Despite her determination to succeed, Dawn was experiencing frustration, rejection and discouragement in her network marketing business. She didn’t know what to say to get people to look and join.


Once she learned and embraced the Go90Grow training and the Hero's Journey Skill, Dawn says, "It became a joy to build my business to 6-figures and not the chore it had been before I embraced all these amazing skills.


They have become sought-after speakers and trainers in their company helping thousands of others using Mark’s simple system. In October of 2020, they moved into their brand new, custom built home and they’re still sitting on 1000’s of leads!

Troy & Pam Van Dyke


Troy and Pam are successful networkers with a travel company that focuses on cruise packages.


Troy and Pam had learned and practiced the skills, yet had virtually no one to talk to... they needed names.


Inside Go90grow’s bonus material, Pam and Troy discovered the solution to their challenge and immediately began exploding their list of quality prospects… for FREE.


Claes now has teams that build teams without him and he couldn’t be more thrilled. He’s spending more of his winters in sunny Cypress instead of frigid Sweden… a long-time dream come true!

Claes Wallenberg


Claes is a successful health care practitioner in Sweden and also a professional networker with a health and nutrition company.


Claes could build lists and was effective at talking to people. He struggled getting people he enrolled to produce.  Instead... they’d disappear.


He quickly mastered the coaching module in Go90grow, real lessons in human nature and what really drives people. This was a game-changer in how Claes worked with his team and was able to naturally create
new leaders.

more praise for Mark J Training

Orlando Frazier

Orlando Frazier
Mark is such a great teacher and delivers the concepts in an easy to understand format. Thanks!

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Chedmund Lee

This is good stuff!  Makes things a lot easier in talking to people.

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Michael Monaco

The teacher shows up when the student is ready to learn. Thanks, Mark for treating us all like we are the teacher's pet. Happy kids learn better. Fow get aw bout it!

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Greg Palka

If you want real success in this industry, stop thinking you have to find the blue M&Ms or the "aces" in the deck. Learn and work the Go90Grow skills and you will succeed.

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Genevieve Lugbauer

Where have you been all my life?

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Andrea Rhinoheart Bindi

This is the Pavarotti of MLM. It's hard to ignore him.

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Ken Petersen

Amazing training from an amazing teacher!  Thanks, Mark.

Like - Reply 

1 - 33w

Kevin Pentland

All this time it was due to the lack of proper skills that has kept me from succeeding in this business.  Looking forward to learning more skills.

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1 - 33w

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the videos, replays and other resources on the Concierge Page?

The Concierge page will be closing down this week.  However, the business Accelerator and Elite top earner options give you lifetime membership to Presentations That Impact & Convert, including Access to all videos, webinar replays and other resources.  No dues, no fees, no annual renewal.

Where and when are the private sessions with Mark J?
You’ll be notified as soon as you enroll in Option 3 [Elite Top Earner] and will receive an email with next steps and instructions on how to book your initial vetting appointment with Lori. This important meeting (not one of your 9 with Mark) is designed to prepare both you and Mark so you get the very most out of your personal sessions.  Once completed, you'll receive a link to Mark’s calendar where you can schedule your private appointments. You'll also have access to a separate Elite Mastermind Member's Area with all the study materials, meeting links, Mark and Lori's contact information and other
valuable resources.
What happens if I miss one of the LIVE sessions?

For business Accelerator and Elite Mastermind members, All of the live webcasts are recorded and can be watched later in the Presentations that impact & convert member's area.  If you are part of Mark’s Elite Mastermind group and cannot attend one of your scheduled appointments, email him immediately and he’ll work with you on a case-by-case basis on rescheduling.

What if I already have a product from Training Solutions?

If you have purchased products in the past from Training Solutions, LLC (Master Key Experience, Go90Grow, etc), your login for those products will not change. We used new membership software for the Presentations That impact and convert product. once you purchase any of the 3 options listed above, you'll receive login credentials to your new member's area.  

What if I want to upgrade later and work with Mark personally?

Mark only works with 10 individuals at a time. If you would like to work with Mark in the future reach out to and request to be put on a waiting list. You’ll be contacted the next time Mark opens up his schedule for more
personal masterminds.

How do the 1 on 1 appointments work?

These are live, face to face meetings on video… you get 9 individual coaching calls spread out over the next 10 months.  Here’s the fine print. You can’t skip 3 or 4 months and then stuff 4 in a month.  Mark will work with you to establish a pattern of 1-2/month over the first few months to accelerate your progress, then taper back to 1/month for the remaining months.  Obviously something may come up… Mark’s not inflexible with people who show up and do the work.

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