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The Key To The Vault: Sequence & Story

Day 1 - LIVE Lesson- Monday, July 24th, 4PM Eastern

My presentations were passionate, informative and brilliantly constructed, if I do say so myself, and they didn't work. Most people begin constructing presentations with an outline. I was making the same mistake. I knew real prospects wanted and needed what I had. No, no, no! I finally realized my presentations were talking prospects out of the business. Then I discovered a 9-step strategy to presenting that improved my conversion rate. Through the kindness of a stranger, I was gifted with the Key To The Vault. It's known as The Hero's Journey. This journey, along with science, boosted our closing ratio to 94% the last 3 years. Turns out it all revolved around the real meaning of the 80/20 Rule, which most networkers and online marketers have totally backwards.  

In this session - we'll give you the Key to the Vault. Most people are terrible storytellers, and their presentations are even worse. That described me! Turns out, The Hero's Journey is a story that's inside every story ever been told. Learning how to put your suspects, possibilities, prospects and teammates in The Hero's Journey is the Key To The Vault. You'll discover how all people make decisions - think that might make a difference? And how to use the 80/20 Rule properly so your ideas moving forward influence and
impact everyone.

Well Begun Is Half Done

Day 2 - LIVE Lesson- Tuesday, July 25th, 4PM Eastern

The compounding effect of converting 94% is bigger that you can think, it sure was for me. The game changes completely when your team knows you'll convert prospects into partners. Think that might help?  Hands down, the most important skill you can master and teach your group is how to make effective presentations to other people. Why? Because It's what we do! We are ALWAYS presenting... and we are always collecting decisions.

That's the job of a professional networker - be it closing prospects, developing distributors or motivating teammates.

In this session we'll not only show you Step 1 of the 9-Step strategy to build impactful presentations... we'll do interactively. Step 1 is the mission, not the outline - regardless of who you're talking to.  In and out of breakout rooms, you'll learn to work together and develop the perfect mission for all of your presentations to assure that they convert (this is a real workshop... challenging work creates
great results).

Begin With The End In Mind

Day 3 - LIVE Lesson-Thursday, July 27th, 4PM Eastern

On Day 2 you discovered how and why establishing "The Mission" of all your presentations must come first. You also learned the two things an audience always knows about the presenter and how to ensure those 2 things are working in your favor.

So, you're probably thinking, "OK, now we write the outline, right?". That would be a hard 'NO'.

In this session we'll cover Steps 2 and 3 for creating presentations that convert. Once again, the order is surprising. Step 2 is "The Close." Why? Always begin with the end in mind; we build everything in the presentation to the close so it feels organic and natural.  Once again, we'll utilize breakout rooms. You'll simultaneously participate in building a generic business presentation and a new distributor training. And we'll help you build the same presentations for YOUR company and team.

Then, you'll move on to Step 3 of the 9 Steps, "The Opening". Designing openings that open the mind (so your message reaches their head and touches their heart) is easy once you learn this step.

Convert... Don't Confuse

Day 4 - LIVE Lesson - Saturday, July 29th, Special time 4:30 Eastern

You may be thinking, "When do we write the outline? NOW?" That would be a hard yes... almost. This day is going to blow you away and help you understand fully why most presentations really suck, actually confuse people.  I'm certain that we agree that winning in networking takes commitment, coupled with the fact that confused people don't commit.

At Step 4, a couple simple rules, a short lesson in structure and shazam... you'll do two things instantly. First thing? Palm slap 🤦🏽‍♀️ to forehead with a loud "duh?!?!" [Yes, I did too] Second thing? Learn the skill so you write killer outlines that you know work, impact, convert and fulfill the original mission (what you want people to think, feel, say and do, Step 1).

We'll continue our pattern of highly interactive breakouts and sharing. We'll finish both presentations; we'll share and yes... "borrow" the best ideas from one another so you leave this Masterclass with confidence, a powerful new skill and personalized presentations.

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Upcoming Events

Day 1 - LIVE Lesson-Mon., July 24th 4pm ET

The Key To The Vault: Sequence & Story (3 Hours + Q&A)

Day 2 - LIVE Lesson- Tues., July 25th at 4pm ET

Well Begun Is Half Done (3 Hours + Q&A)

Day 3 - LIVE Lesson -Thurs, July 27th at 4pm ET

Begin With The End In Mind  (3 Hours + Q&A)

Day 4-LIVE Lesson-Sat., July 29th at 4:30pm ET

Convert.. Don't Confuse (3 Hours + Q&A)

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Presentations that impact & convert
Winners Prepare

Success is a by-product of perspiration and preparation. Part of the effectiveness of Mark’s training lies in his awareness of exactly who he’s working with - understanding the needs, wants and challenges of each individual so he can customize the interactive sessions to meet your specific needs. Your job? Come prepared.

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Masterclass Replays

Replay of Lesson 1

The Key To The Vault;  Sequence & Story

We begin this highly interactive Masterclass by giving you the Key To The Vault. What does that mean? If you're not converting over 90% of your presentations, this workshop is for you. Most people are terrible storytellers, and their presentations are even worse (even if they are passionate and informative). That described me, until I discovered The Hero's Journey.

Replay of Lesson 2

Well-Begun Is Half Done

This highly interactive session introduces the 9-Step strategy we used to teach our teams how to build impactful presentations that converted 94% of prospects into partners. You'll discover why the mission, not the outline, is the start of all great presentations, regardless of the audience. Moving in and out of breakout rooms, you'll begin constructing 2 killer Presentations That Impact & Convert which masterminding with others. Bring 6-10 index cards, blank sheets of paper and the workbook.

Replay of Lesson 3

Begin WIth The End In Mind

In this workshop you continue building on the 2 presentations you began in Lesson 2. We'll cover Steps 2 and 3 in depth and you'll be surprised, as the order departs significantly from what you've likely learned before. This might be a clue that can move you and your team from poor conversation to 90%, so be sure to come ready to roll up your sleeves! Again... highly interactive. You'll be working in breakout rooms, masterminding, and developing your own presentations.

Replay of Lesson 4

Convert... Don't Confuse!

You may be thinking, "When are we gonna write the Outline? As you begin Lesson 4 you'll understand why the work you did in Days 1-3 was well worth the effort (and the wait), before jumping into the Outline. This day will blow you away. You'll learn and apply a few simple rules so you write killer Outlines that will be effective - that will impact, convert and fulfill the original mission. We continue to collaborate, share and "borrow" the best ideas from one another so you leave this masterclass with confidence, a powerful new skill and you own personalized presentations.