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How did a Chocolate Cake teach our team to recruit & convert 94% of prospects into partners?

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Presentations That Impact & Convert Schedule

You're making Presentations all day, every day you'd better learn how to make them impact and convert

Step 1 - Keys To The Vault

Day 1 - LIVE Lesson - Monday, April 5th - 3 PM ET

Step 3 - Begin With The End In Mind

Day 3 - LIVE Lesson - Thursday, April 8th - 3 PM ET

Step 2 - Well Begun Is Half Done

Day 2 - LIVE Lesson - Tuesday, April 6th - 3 PM ET

Step 4 - Convert... Don't Confuse

Day 4 - LIVE Lesson - Saturday, April 10th - 3 PM ET

7 Reasons to Join My LIVE Presentations Masterclasses


I only do this ONCE a year so if you want to dramatically increase your conversion, now is the time. Learn this step-by-step method to design and make presentations that have impact and convert. 


I’m giving away 9+ hours of LIVE, in-depth training. We’ll open the lines for live Q & A for an additional hour.


I’ll be sharing my simple method of presenting that converted over 94% in network marketing.  We’ve also set records, percentage-wise, with online marketing using the same proven formula.  


KEY:  You’re actually going to build a presentation at this masterclass.  You’ll get FREE pdf workbooks for each lesson so you can engage and learn without taking massive notes.


You’ll have access to an exclusive Presentations Masterclass Facebook group where you can connect with the community and talk to my team and coaches.


You also get instant access to our Concierge page. Resources, workbooks, the training schedule and recordings of the masterclass, all in one place.


Did I mention there’s absolutely no charge? There’s no credit card required to join. Why am I one of the most successful networkers, and the trainer that the other brilliant trainers in the industry emulate and learn from? The simplicity of my skills and trainings.

Why Is This Training So Powerful? 

Let’s face it, you and your teammates work so hard to get people to look at the business… calls, voicemail, no-shows, stalling, etc. Then you finally get someone to look who’s excited and the presentation turns them off. I know that pain.

It wasn’t who I was bringing to the presentation…
It was the presentation.

Presentations That Impact & Convert

What winners know is that if you don't have the skills to help the people you enroll produce... you'll never make big checks. Networking is about teaching people to produce without you.

Hands down, the most important skill you can master and teach to your group is how to make effective presentations to other people. Why? Because it's what we do! We are ALWAYS presenting... and we are always collecting decisions. That is the job of a professional network marketer.

Regardless of whether you're speaking in front of a room, training your team, presenting your opportunity to suspects/possibilities, or coaching individual reps... understanding how to construct and deliver presentations that have IMPACT and CONVERT is the key to the vault.

Mastering this skill will make you a World Class presenter. Teaching your people "how" to present is where the money is.... and teaching them how to teach others leads to a lifestyle second to none! Join us so you can have a team that presents effectively, converts daily and teaches new people this crucial skill.

About Mark J

In the 1980’s Mark failed in network marketing five times with great companies. Making it even more painful was the fact that he was with those companies during their greatest growth years. Three of them went on to be billion-dollar, iconic companies in the industry.

Mark was failing again in the early 90’s and this time he really needed it to work. A blind mother, 25% pay cut and becoming a full-time parent of 2 mandated success from home. As you see, the glory of this now best-selling author (3 books), 6 network marketing companies to top-level earner, no herding people from deal to deal, head deacon, 501-C3 chairman often displaces the story of going from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity.

How did the transition take place? Mark was trained by the great W. Clement Stone. Stone made Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich the household words that they are today. In desperation, Mark reached for the books that Mr. Stone gave him. One book, The Success System That Never Fails, changed his path and has earned millions and millions of dollars for his teammates, companies and students.

There is a specific, scientific formula for success.

network Marketing training

Hailed as the premier "Trainer's Trainer", considered the top Certified Color Code® Trainer in the world, Mark has worked with members and students from all 50 states and 14 countries. Workshops conducted as far away as Thailand and Germany have fostered 54 consecutive sell-outs worldwide in less than 2 years. When asked about this unparalleled success and why icons like Richard Bliss Brooke and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter traveled to Kauai to meet him, Mark smiles and says, "It's not content, it's the presentation skills that made the difference."

Mark and his wife, The Fabulous Davene, have not taught these skills to the public, reserving it only for their teams. Retiring from building network marketing in 2010 and becoming consultants to industry leaders and companies led to the possibility of making it public.

The coronavirus has created amazing opportunities in our industry and opened a few minds that were previously closed.

“This horrific time in our world history has proven to me how grateful I am for having discovered Presentations Skills. Our lives, because of successfully networking, have not been affected economically. I know if people get away from the mainstream gurus and actually learn How to Make Presentations That Have Impact & Convert, they can prosper and protect those they love. I was lucky to find it, giving it away seems like the right thing to do. We’re all in this together”.  - The Fabulous Davene

network marketing training

Leaders From All Walks Of Life LOVE Them

Mark J & The Fabulous Davene are the Premier Network Marketing Trainers in the World!

Mark J’s trainings WILL set you on the path for rapid organic growth of your team WHEN you let Mark and Davene guide and coach you. This is a potent and effective program. Follow it to momentum.

Richard and Kimmy Brookes

Our favorite trainings are those that do a couple things: first, deal with reality. And two, teach real-word principles and strategies to operate in that reality. That’s why the Go90GrowTM program is so impactful. It’s why we believe in it, but also, why so many in our community have taken the program. We still get emails to this day from people thanking us for introducing them to Mark, Davene and mGo90Grow!

Andrea Waltz &  Richard Benton

I absolutely love it when someone tells me they are a graduate of Mark and Davene’s Go90GrowTM training program.

Go90GrowTM is the most comprehensive network marketing program ever to be created. If you are serious about succeeding in network marketing, you’ll need a serious coach and training program that is proven to get results. I believe Mark & Davene Januszewski’s Go90Grow is the ONLY logical choice!

Debra Gebhardt

$10 Million Dollar Circle Member

This course has made more impact on my success and growth of my business than any other training I've done in over 3 years in the industry. Investing in the course and taking the time to watch the videos, listen to the webinars, ask questions, and role play was one of the best decisions ever. The staff is INCREDIBLE! We get so much support!

Sarah Dooley

Super Fastest Growing Rep

Mark and Davene are incredible. I made a mistake not joining them and Go90GrowTM 3 years ago!

Jean Pierre Desroses

$9 Million Dollar Earner

I highly recommend Mark J, Davene, and the Go90GrowTM course. This amazing program has allowed me to deliver on the promise of teaching my network marketing team exactly what to say and what to do to be successful. These skills definitely work and foster duplication. This has increased team confidence, the number of people actively working their business, and the size of our checks.

Thomas Brooks

Top Field Leader

I want to thank Mark and The Fabulous Davene for putting together such a comprehensive program. You will be able to learn, to earn ad to grow with the Go90GrowTM system.

Ann Feinstein

Double Diamond Director

There are only 2 trainers I’d put in front of my teams, Mark J & Davene are one of them.

Tom & Denice Chenault

The hosts of Home Based Business Radio Program


You'll never find another networker that's more effective AND efficient! He knows exactly what to do and what to say. More importantly, the way he teaches truly duplicates. Think that might help?

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter