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Are you an MLMer who's tired of feeling uncertain and hesitant about your business?  You get 16 + hours of FREE training that has a proven track record of eliminating procrastination.  The BONUS - your self-confidence grows and your closing ratio soars... 

The Simple 6 Masterclass Schedule

The Success Formula That Never Fails: Strategy & Application

The Key To The Vault?  Definiteness of Purpose

Day 1:  LIVE Lesson - Monday, Dec. 4th

Converting Purpose to Written Plan & Positive Mental Attitude

Day 2:  LIVE Lesson - Wednesday, Dec. 6th

Rejection-Free Recruiting; 90%+ Say Yes (word-for-word examples)

Day 3:  LIVE Lesson - Friday, Dec. 8th

Now The Big Money; Driving Volume and Teams

Day 4:  LIVE Lesson - Saturday, Dec.  9th

7 (+1) Reasons to Join My LIVE Simple 6 Masterclass

Losers Plan to Fail

This is KEY:  Losers will make plans on January 1st (aka resolutions) and fail.  We've all done it.  Do you want 2024 to be your breakout year?  Learn and master the Simple 6 in December and you’ll own 2024.

Build a 6-figure Income

I’m giving away 16+ hours of LIVE, in-depth training.  I’ll be sharing a simple discovery that built multiple 6-figure incomes in under 12 hours a week.

Mastering Duplication

You’ll learn a recruiting method that FEELS better,  WORKS better... one your teammates will copy instantly.  You’ll learn and master exactly what to say so you are recruiting rejection-free, hearing “yes”, and demonstrating what duplicates. 

Create your Power Week Plan

You’ll uncover the 3 misconceptions slowing the industry (and you) down.  You’ll leave the masterclass with the truth and a written, specific plan for a power-week.

Workbooks to Keep you on Track

You get FREE .pdf workbooks for each lesson so you can engage and learn without taking a massive quantity of notes.  1000’s of our members use these workbooks weekly to stay on track and earn great commissions.

Exclusive Connections & Community

You have access to an exclusive Simple 6 Masterclass Facebook group where you can connect with the community and talk to my team and coaches.

Concierge Page and Resources 

You get instant access to our Concierge page.  Resources, additional bonus materials, workbooks, training schedule, and recordings of the masterclass all in one place. Of course, all sessions will be recorded for you.

Learn from the Master

Did I mention there’s absolutely no charge?  There’s no credit card required to join.  Why am I one of the most successful networkers? Why do other industry legends call me the "Trainer's trainer"? 

What is the Simple 6?

In the 1980’s Mark failed in network marketing five times with great companies. Making it even more painful, he worked with those companies during their greatest growth years. Three of them hit the billion-dollar level. 

Mark was failing again in the early 90’s and this time he desperately needed it to work. A blind mother, 25% pay cut, and becoming a full-time parent of 2 mandated success from home.  

As you can see, the glory of this now best-selling author of 3 books embodies the story of going from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity. 

Mark excelled as a head deacon, 501-C3 chairman, and catapulted to a top-level earner in 6 network marketing companies without herding people from deal to deal. 

How did the Transition take place?

Mark was personally trained by W. Clement Stone. Stone made Napoleon Hill and his book, Think and Grow Rich, the household words they are today. In desperation, Mark reached for the books that Mr. Stone gave him. One book, The Success System That Never Fails, changed his path and has earned millions and millions of dollars for his teammates, companies, and students. There is a specific, scientific formula for success.

The Simple 6 are the principles put forth in The Success System That Never Fails...

Mark deciphered these principles from solid business theory to pragmatic steps in the network marketing industry. It’s proven itself over and over again. The Simple 6 was defined in the mid-90’s, refined in the late 90’s, and perfected by 2004.

Mark and his wife, Davene, released The Simple 6 to the public last year (previously reserved exclusively for their teams). In 2010 they retired as active builders and became consultants to various industry leaders and companies around the globe. This opened the door to launch The Simple 6 to a wider audience.

The circumstances of the past year or so have created unique opportunities in our industry and opened many minds that were previously closed.

Gratitude for The Simple 6

“This challenging time in our world history has proven to me how grateful I am for having discovered The Simple 6. Our lives, because of successfully networking, have not been affected economically. I know if people get away from the mainstream gurus and actually learn The Simple 6, they can prosper and protect those they love. I was lucky to find it, so giving it away seems like the right thing to do. We’re all in this together...”   - The Fabulous Davene

Davene Januszewski

Real Success Stories

Mark J’s trainings WILL set you on the path for rapid organic growth of your team WHEN you let Mark and Davene guide and coach you. This is a potent and effective program. Follow it to momentum.

Richard & Kimmy Brooke

Mark and Davene are incredible. I made a mistake not joining them and Go90GrowTM 3 years ago!

Jean Pierre Desroses

9 Million Dollar Earner

I want to thank Mark and The Fabulous Davene for putting together such a comprehensive program. You will be able to learn, to earn and to grow with the Go90GrowTM system.

Anne Feinstein

Double Diamond Director

I highly recommend Mark J, Davene, and the Go90GrowTM course. This amazing program has allowed me to deliver on the promise of teaching my network marketing team exactly what to say and what to do to be successful. These skills definitely work and foster duplication. This has increased team confidence, the number of people actively working their business, and the size of our checks

Thomas Brookes

Top Field Leader

Our favorite trainings are those that do a couple things: first, deal with reality. And two, teach real-word principles and strategies to operate in that reality. That’s why the Go90GrowTM program is so impactful. It’s why we believe in it, but also, why so many in our community have taken the program. We still get emails to this day from people thanking us for introducing them to Mark, Davene and Go90Grow!

Andrea Waltz & Richard Benton


I love it when someone says they are a graduate of Mark and Davene’s Go90Grow training. Go90GrowTM is the most comprehensive network marketing program ever to be created. If you are serious about succeeding in network marketing, you’ll need a serious coach and training program that is proven to get results. I believe Mark & Davene Januszewski’s Go90Grow is the ONLY logical choice!

Debra Gebhardt

10 Million Dollar Circle

This course has made more impact on my success and growth of my business than any other training I've done in over 3 years in the industry. Investing in the course and taking the time to watch the videos, listen to the webinars, ask questions, and role play was one of the best decisions ever. The staff is INCREDIBLE! We get so much support!

Sarah Dooley

Super Fastest Growth

When it comes to Mark J... I'm taking notes!  You'll never find another networker that's more effective AND efficient! He knows exactly what to do and what to say. More importantly, the way he teaches truly duplicates. Think that might help?

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Author, Industry Icon

Big Al Tom Schreiter

There are only 2 trainers I’d put in front of my teams, Mark J & Davene are one of them...

Tom & Denice Chenault

The hosts of Home Based Business Radio Program

More Praise for Mark J Training...

Orlando Frazier

Orlando Frazier
Mark is such a great teacher and delivers the concepts in an easy to understand format. Thanks!

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Chedmund Lee

This is good stuff!  Makes things a lot easier in talking to people.

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Michael Monaco

The teacher shows up when the student is ready to learn. Thanks, Mark for treating us all like we are the teacher's pet. Happy kids learn better. Fow get aw bout it!

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1 - 33w

Greg Palka

If you want real success in this industry, stop thinking you have to find the blue M&Ms or the "aces" in the deck. Learn and work the Go90Grow skills and you will succeed.

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1 - 33w

Genevieve Lugbauer

Where have you been all my life?

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1 - 33w

Andrea Rhinoheart Bindi

This is the Pavarotti of MLM. It's hard to ignore him.

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1 - 33w

Ken Petersen

Amazing training from an amazing teacher!  Thanks, Mark.

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Kevin Pentland

All this time it was due to the lack of proper skills that has kept me from succeeding in this business.  Looking forward to learning more skills.

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Mark Januszewski

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Lori Enrico and Mark Januszewski are both top earning, renowned network marketers and Best Selling authors known for their proven approach to MLM success. They inspire others to embrace their self doubt, fear and laziness and achieve financial freedom.

Lori Enrico

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